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The best way to minimise the risks of your contracts going pear shaped is with a two step process:

  1. get a meaningful, comprehensive contract review so you know what you’re getting in to; and
  2. utilise effective and diligent contract administration throughout the project.

These two steps will often eliminate completely the chance of a dispute getting out of hand.

What Does a Meaningful Contract Review Involve?

If you engage us for a contract review we’re going to give you advice that matters in a practical way.

Many people get worried about the big picture clauses in their contracts, but often it’s the smaller elements that work together against you.

An effective contract review for your construction project will:

  1. highlight the biggest risks;
  2. draw your attention to other areas to be on the watch for; and
  3. be in a form that you can actually use.

That’s what you’ll get with us.

Great Contract Administration

The review is the first step, but its goal isn’t just to sit in a draw – its goal is to help you effectively monitor and control your project as the work goes ahead.

Good contract administration will help you to supplement your excellent work on a project with the paperwork and formalities that let you get paid for it in a timely fashion.

Beyond that, in the event of a disagreement, good contract administration principles will often head a dispute off at the pass, and let you get on with business quickly rather than becoming embroiled in litigation.

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