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All businesses and corporations have day-to-day needs when it comes to operations, compliance, governance and asset protection.

The Batch Mewing corporate and business advisory team can help your business ensure that its internal dealings are all properly documented, implemented and running smoothly.


When going into business, or reconfiguring an existing one, choosing the right structure can be a complex decision.

We can work with you and your accounting team to ensure that your needs – cost, finance, risk management, and exit strategy – are all addressed in the structure you choose.

Whether it’s a sole trader, partnership, private corporation or trading trust we can help you get the right structure for your situation.

Intellectual Property

More and more, intellectual property forms a significant element on the business balance sheet.

But is yours protected?

We can help you identify, register (if needed) and enforce your intellectual property rights so that others can’t simply steal your business ideas (and your profit) without you being ready, willing and able to defend them.

As part of structuring your business affairs we can also put in place assignment and licensing documentation to ensure your valuable intellectual property is protected from risk of litigation or business failure.


Larger businesses need to start considering how they manage oversight, delegation and skills throughout their corporation.

Just as important, growing businesses tend to have greater legal requirements to comply with.

Batch Mewing can help you understand the regulations that apply to you, how to ensure your operations are properly configured and documented, and who is responsible for what in your business. We can also assist you with your corporate secretarial obligations, should you require.

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