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Ensuring you maintain positive industrial relations takes careful planning and execution.

We can help you with strategic advice on how to structure your workplace – from the appropriate type of engagement (permanent, casual, maximum term, fixed term or fixed task) to drafting and negotiating practical enterprise agreements.

Done right from the get go, these decisions can set you up for a successful long term relationship with your employees and their union.

Union relations & disputes

We can help you with your union relationships.  Collective action and bargaining by employees remains a driving force in many industries and requires a strategic and experienced approach.  Our team brings that approach.

If negotiations with employees or unions break down, we are also experts at resisting and resolving industrial action.

Right of Entry  

Right of entry is the coalface of industrial relations outside of enterprise bargaining.

The impact on your business when union or government officials exercise a right of entry can be significant – both in terms of cost, disruption and the potential for ongoing dispute.

We can help you understand what officials (union or government) can and cannot do when they exercise a right of entry.

If you want to be well prepared, we can also give you on-site training to help your managers deal with right of entry issues when they arise.

Enterprise Agreements

The enterprise bargaining process can be long, tedious and often complicated. It’s easy to get bogged down in details without always appreciating the full ramifications or risks of each area, given the complexity of the process.

We can help you with every step of the enterprise agreement process: drafting, negotiating, making and approval.

If you are an ABCC Code covered entity, this adds another layer of regulation we can help you understand and comply with.

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