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Compliance & training

For many employers, training is appropriately at the forefront of managing the risks associated with workplace health and safety.

As well as formal advice we can help you through interactive, practical training (including for directors and officers on their individual duties and liability) and group training.

We can help you understand the full ambit of your strict duties under work health safety legislation and help you improve your WHS compliance.

Incidents & near-misses

Potential safety issues add huge future liability and risk for employers in any industry. Despite the best training and site management, the chances are that you’re going to have to deal with a safety issue at some point.

When that happens, we can help you investigate and respond to the incident appropriately.  We can help you understand your liability and incident reporting obligations.  We can also help you deal with a range of regulators in relation to safety branches or near misses.

If liability arises we defend companies and individuals against prosecution and negotiate outcomes with regulators.

Workers’ compensation claims

Sometimes it’s tempting for you as an employer to leave workers’ compensation claims entirely to your insurer.

However, if liability is in question, your proactive participation in a workers’ compensation investigation can make the difference between the insurer accepting the claim or not, which can significantly impact your ongoing annual premium.

We help employers engage with their workers’ compensation insurer and, if necessary, take the lead with the investigation, to ensure the outcome of the claim reflects the facts.

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