A Year in Review – Batch Mewing Turns One…. And a bit

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A little over 12 months ago, Batch Mewing opened its doors.

Like many new ventures, at the time we took the plunge, we really weren’t 100% sure what was going to happen next.

Walking Into the Unknown

We did know a few things, or at least we thought we did.

We knew that we wanted to be different. Not a behemoth where every task required 6 billable units of delegation that our clients had to pay.

We knew that we wanted to work with our clients across the board, not just be uncaring spectators who got called in when things started to go wrong, but participants and consultants who helped with training your people, negotiating your contracts, and all the way through as you embarked on the work that builds our nation.

And we knew that we wanted ourselves and our staff to have true balance, not a fictitious sales pitch on a recruiting page.

Our short video below tries to capture some of those principles:

It’s Never as Easy as it Sounds

With all aspirations come challenges, and for us it happened almost immediately: it got busy. Very busy.

As we opened the firm, we’d been fairly comfortable remaining just the two of us for some time. But that became impossible and we started taking on our first employees much sooner than expected.

At that point, we had to put our aspirations into practice.

Since then we’ve grown to 15 employees who bring a range of experience and expertise to the firm.

Many of our clients have gone through this exact scenario, and so we know that many of you have faced the same challenges as us.

For us, part of that challenge lay in “walking the talk” as our practice grew. Long hours, midnight emails and weekend work might be needed sometimes to serve our clients – but these things become a habit very quickly, and not a good one.

Along the way we’ve hopefully found our stride.

It sounds corny, but the truth is that we genuinely want to offer the clients the best. Partly because it’s just what we do, but partly because we appreciate the relationship we have with you, and want to see you succeed.

So Thank You

Some of you reading this are our clients. Some are not.

But to those who have supported us over the last year – thank you.

To those who have referred others to us – thank you.

And to those who might do either in the future – thank you in advance.

Whatever’s coming (even if it’s Project Bank Accounts!) we’re ready to roll.

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